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#215 – Exception Site crash on module load

Posted in ‘Opening Hours module’
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Friday, 29 June 2018 18:01 CEST
I receive the following error when loading the module on my front page.

 DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (6-21-2018) at position 0 (6): Unexpected character


122 $excepdate32=DateTime::createFromFormat('d-m-Y', $params->get('ExcepDate32'));

123 if($excepdate32 != false) { $excepdate32=$excepdate32->format($params->get('Dateformat'));}


125 // Change dates to Ymd for Exceptional

126 if (($excepdate11) != '') {;

127 $excepdate1begin = new DateTime($excepdate11);

128 $excepdate1begin = $excepdate1begin->format('gA');

129 $excepdate1end = new DateTime($excepdate12);

130 $excepdate1end = $excepdate1end->format('gA');

131 }

132 if (($excepdate31) != '') {;
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Friday, 29 June 2018 18:36 CEST

in the backend: You need to specify your hours using 24:00 time. For example, 3pm is specified as 15:00
Use a '-' to separate open and closing hours.

And Always use dateformat: DD-MM-YYYY in the exceptional opening days.

Kind regards, Jeroen (Joomill)

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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 15:51 CEST
{"Showfooter":"0","Usemicro":"1","Mondaytimes1":"08:00 - 16:00","Mondaytimes2":"","Tuesdaytimes1":"08:00 - 16:00","Tuesdaytimes2":"","Wednesdaytimes1":"08:00 - 16:00","Wednesdaytimes2":"","Thursdaytimes1":"08:00 - 16:00","Thursdaytimes2":"","Fridaytimes1":"08:00 - 16:00","Fridaytimes2":"","Saturdaytimes1":"CLOSED","Saturdaytimes2":"","Sundaytimes1":"CLOSED","Sundaytimes2":"","ExcepDate11":"25-06-2018","ExcepDate12":"31-08-2018","Exceptimes11":"08:00 - 15:00","Exceptimes12":"","ExcepDate21":"04-07-2018","ExcepDate22":"03-09-2018","ExcepDate23":"08-10-2018","ExcepDate24":"08-11-2018","ExcepDate25":"09-11-2018","ExcepDate26":"12-11-2018","ExcepDate27":"22-11-2018","ExcepDate28":"23-11-2018","ExcepDate29":"21-01-2018","ExcepDate210":"15-02-2019","ExcepDate211":"18-02-2019","ExcepDate212":"27-05-2019","Exceptimes21":"CLOSED","Exceptimes22":"","ExcepDate31":"21-12-2018","ExcepDate32":"01-01-2019","Mondaytimes31":"CLOSED","Mondaytimes32":"","Tuesdaytimes31":"CLOSED","Tuesdaytimes32":"","Wednesdaytimes31":"CLOSED","Wednesdaytimes32":"","Thursdaytimes31":"CLOSED","Thursdaytimes32":"","Fridaytimes31":"CLOSED","Fridaytimes32":"","Saturdaytimes31":"CLOSED","Saturdaytimes32":"","Sundaytimes31":"CLOSED","Sundaytimes32":"","Width":"100%","Daywidth":"30%","Dayalign":"center","Datewidth":"30%","Datealign":"center","Timewidth":"30%","Timealign":"center","Weekstart":"2","Hideopenings":"0","Onlytoday":"0","Monfri":"1","Viewdates":"1","Dateformat":"n-d-Y","Timeformat":"H:i","Timezone":"America\/New_York","Font":"","Fontsize":"","Highlight":"1","Highlightcolor":"#3990bd","Highlightbold":"bold","Highlightitalic":"normal","Viewnotes":"1","Notes":"","Viewcurrent":"1","Showopen":"1","Open":"We Are Open and Here to Take Your Call\r\n(856) 455 - 8030","Showclosed":"1","Closed":"We Are Closed and Would Love to Hear From You\r\n(856) 455 - 8030","layout":"_:default","moduleclass_sfx":"solid-2","cache":"0","Debug":"0","module_tag":"div","bootstrap_size":"0","header_tag":"h3","header_class":"","style":"0"}

these are my module settings. I have tried to set the dates and times, but every time I save the values change to things I did not enter. please help.
Tuesday, 03 July 2018 17:12 CEST
Can you change the dateformat to:
d-m-Y or

Kind regards, Jeroen (Joomill)

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Friday, 06 July 2018 18:25 CEST
Still does not work, it also does not answer the question as to why the dates are changed from what was input.
Friday, 06 July 2018 19:31 CEST
You can send me the login to: so i can have a look at it.

Kind regards, Jeroen (Joomill)

When you like our extension and support, please post a rating at the Joomla! Extensions Directory
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