With this admin-module you can reset your article pageviews in 1 click directly from the backend of your Joomla! website without fooling around in phpmyadmin.
This module also works for other Joomla core components and 3rd party components like K2, virtuemart, easyblog, jomsocial, and more

When you don't want to reset all hits, but only a specific category, an author or something, there are filter options available for you in the PRO version!

49.055 downloads since 5 may 2011

We support this module in Joomla 3.


Feature comparison - Reset Hits module

FeatureFree versionPRO version
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Joomla Core components
Article Hits
Article Revision
Banner Impressions
Banner Hits
Weblinks Hits
User Password Reset Counter
3rd Party components
Fastw3b Real Estate - Hits
Fastw3b Gallery - Hits
Ignite Gallery - Category and Image Hits
RokGallery - Images Views and Loves
Yootheme ZOO  - Items Hits
K2 - Items and Attachment Hits
Virtuemart - Category and Product Hits    
Jomsocial - Profile, Events, Photos and Videos Hits
Akeeba Release System - Release and Items Hits    
PRO Options
Article Filter - Article, Category, Language, Author  
Banner Filter - Banner, Category, Language, Client     
Weblink Filter - Weblink, Category, Language
User Password Reset Filter - User
Premium Support 3.x only
Downloads Unlimited Unlimited
Installations / Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Compatibility 1.5 2.5 3.x 1.5 2.5 3.x
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Our Reset Hits module is reviewed by Pawel Frankowski on Gavick's blog. Read it here

Our Reset Hits module is reviewed in spanish by Luis Méndez Alejo on webempresa's blog. Read it here


  • Gman - It Works!   

    I use this for my website which I've recently taken live, and this extension was useful and just what I needed to clear the hits off of my articles which were mainly from me during days of development. I installed this extension, published it, and it worked!
  • vtitarchuk - Simple to use   

    After migrating a site from J1.5 to J2.5, I wanted to leave the history of hits behind and have a clean start for content hits. A simple search for Reset Hits gave me the link of this module. I have downloaded it in seconds (without registration, thanks!) and enabled it on my website. Simple reset was done by radio button selection and a click on the Reset button and the job was done.After this I uninstalled the module and was thankful to the author, so I decided to write this review. Excellent job! Thanks for making my life simpler.
  • etchot - Just a click!!!   

    This administrator module resets your hits. It is very easy to install, configure and use. Additionally, you can not only reset your article hits but also the ones of many other items. Enjoy!!!
  • askjv - Simply works   

    This module had clear, easy-to-find illustrated instructions on the web site. Installing the module and resetting the articles to zero for the new year was never so easy. Thank you!
  • jenny_mcwilliam - Great Extension   

    This module was so simple and easy to install and worked exactly as said. Much easier than doing changes in MyPHP or manually changing each article. It was great that there is lots of choice for which hit counters to reset. It would make sense that this type of function be part of the Joomla core. Thanks!!
  • handy andy - Simple Reset Hits Module   

    This module does exactly what it says, it took me four minutes to download and set it up. One of the four minutes was my fault for not reading the simple instruction. I can't rate this high enough and thank the developer for making such a good extension
  • PhilOSparta - Nice module for resetting hit counters   

    This is an admin module that loaded easily in Joomla! and reset all my articles without a problem. It resets all hit counters at once to zero. There is no option to select a single article for reset. This module is most useful for when you have completed the development of a site and you want a fresh reset of all hit counters prior to going live.


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