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Reset Hits module

With this admin-module you can reset your article pageviews in 1 click directly from the backend of your Joomla! website without fooling around in phpmyadmin.

67.187 downloads since 5 may 2011

We support this module in Joomla 4 and 5.


Reset Joomla Core components

The module is shown in the backend controlpanel and you can reset various Joomla core hits (not only article hits) in only one click!

Filtering options

PRO version only: When you don't want to reset all hits, but only a specific category or something, there are PRO filter options available for you!

Read what our users say

Nice module for resetting hit counters
This is an admin module that loaded easily in Joomla! and reset all my articles without a problem. It resets all hit counters at once to zero. There is no option to select a single article for reset. This module is most useful for when you have completed the development of a site and you want a fresh reset of all hit counters prior to going live.
- PhilOSparta

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