Version 3.6.5 [08-01-2019] 3.x
Fixed: State operations backend not working in Joomla 3.9
Fixed: Show price columns in frontend by default
Fixed: http link in backend changed to https

Version 3.6.4 [26-10-2018] 3.x
Fixed: Multiple categories view ordering

Version 3.6.3 [31-07-2018] 3.x
Added: ACL option for manage the component

Version 3.6.2 [27-07-2018] 3.x
Added: Option to set margin below row in Responsive mode (PRO only)

Version 3.6.1 [19-07-2018] 3.x
Added: Option to disable component CSS
Fixed: Only show tableheading on responsive view when option is set to yes (PRO only)

Version 3.6.0 [19-07-2018] 3.x
Added: Added Responsive view (Show columns below eachother on mobile) (PRO only)
Fixed: Links in description

Version 3.5.1 [24-02-2017] 3.x
Added: Table column classes
Added: Page heading options

Version 3.5.0 [29-10-2016] 3.x
Added: Option to hide columns on mobile device

Version 3.4.0 [22-02-2016] 3.x
Added: Custom column names for specific category
Fixed: Typo in alignment in All Categories view

Version 3.3.0 [29-01-2016] 3.x
Added: View multiple categories. (thanks to Henri Zikken)
Added: Option to disable Bootstrap. (only to use when you have problems with your template.)
Fixed: Category- and productordering didn't save.
Fixed: Undefined index in single category view

Version 3.2.0 [01-01-2015] 3.x
Added: New Installer/Updater script
Fixed: Column Width
Fixed: Second Pricecolumn Currency

Version 3.1.0 [10-05-2014] 3.x
Free version for Joomla 3.3 released

Version 3.1.0 PRO [10-05-2014] 3.x
Added: Column Alignment options
Added: Column Width options
Added: Column Title options
Added: Notes options
Fixed: Small bugfixes and changes for Joomla 3.3

Version 3.0.0 PRO [06-03-2014] 3.x
Completely re-written component (PRO version only)
Added: 2nd Price column (for example: to show price incl and excl tax, or discounted prices)
Added: Extra column (to show all extra information about your product)
Added: ACL options (to give people viewing rights, works for products and price / extra columns)
Added: Language options (to create a multilangual pricelist)

Version 1.3.0 PRO [15-5-2013] 2.5
Fixed: Bug in Category-ID

Version1.2.0 PRO [20-4-2013] 2.5
Added: Akeeba Live Update
Fixed: Category-titel Display

Version1.1.0 PRO [25-12-2012] 2.5
Added: Categories
Added: Single categorie-view
Added: Advanced editor
Fixed: Description text in database storage

Version 1.1.0 [25-12-2012] 2.5
Fixed: Description text in database storage

Version 1.0.0 and 1.0.0 PRO [10-08-2012] 2.5 Launched
First release


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