This module simply inserts your business hours on your Joomla! website.
Show your today's openinghours using our beautifully stylized highlight today option.

With the PRO version of this module you can set up dates, Holidays, shopping sundays or other exceptional opening hours and show a message when you 're open and/or closed.

40.633 downloads since 10 january 2009

We support this module in Joomla 3.

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Feature comparison - Opening Hours module

FeatureFree versionPRO version
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Show regular opening hours (only 1 opening a day) (2 openings a day)
Add notes
Use microdata
Highlight today
First day of the week (Sat, Sun, Mon)
Select your timezone
PRO options  
Show dates
Show currently open / closed
Show only today
Exceptional opening hours (like Holidays)
Highlight styling
Hide footer
Premium Support 3.x only
Downloads Unlimited Unlimited
Installations / Domains Unlimited Unlimited
Compatibility 1.5 2.5 3.x 1.5 2.5 3.x
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  • jackprince - Simple and Usefull   

    The idea to make a module for this saves me time in future and lowers effort needed to maintain the times for the customers. Save urself some time and give it a try.
  • dmspatrick - Very Good   

    This Module is very good and easy to install. Accessible in many languages. I used this module for my own design business and it looks great on my site.
  • frictionsweb - Amazing Customer Service!!!   

    I bought this extension at the last minute for a client project. I had a meeting in 45 minutes and realized it was not compatible with Joomla 1.5! I panicked and emailed customer support. I got a reply from Jeroen within 5 minutes and WOW! Lets just say that I went in to the meeting with the module installed and fully functional. In this day Great customer support is rare and we have a winner here folks.. I suggest anyone looking for a great experience with confidence that you can get help if you need it gives these guys chance.. Well Done!!!
  • tomt - Extra Service   

    I contacted Jeroen because I wanted an extra function: showing only today's opening hours. And within a few days it was an extra feature!
  • adoewa - Simple but perfect plugin   

    This plugin does exactley what it says.
    I don't expect more, it's perfect.
  • zoldar - Simply fantastic   

    I wanted something simple and this module gave me a complete task that saves me time and that I can reuse, and it was simple to set up. I purchased my license and am happy with my results. If you want a module that you can reuse without paying over and over for to show your hours of opening then this is it!


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