HikaShop Widgetkit plugin

Load content from HikaShop into your widgets.

With this plugin for Widgetkit (2 or 3) you can use HikaShop as content source. So you can create all the different grids, slidesets, galleries… with your HikaShop products.

It's a great and simple way of presenting a beautiful sales page.

We support this plugin in Joomla 3.
HikaShop (Starter, Essential or Business) and Widgetkit are required.

When you have installed and enabled the plugin, you can start using it.

The workflow is exaclty the same as any other Widget-creations, i've only added some extra options.
Go to Components --> Widgetkit to open the Widgetkit and click the New button on top

first widget 01

Select the HikaShop Content type.

first widget 02
And select the widget you would like to create.
You can use all widgets you like, but some won't be very usefull (like the Google Maps widget :) )

first widget 03

After your selection click Create at the bottom.

first widget 04

Now you go to the widget screen.

Give your widget a name, this name won't be shown at the frontend and is only for internal use.

first widget 05

Select the category you like to show. This can be a product category. But you can also select a category you use for badges or discounts.
Below you find a selection box to include Subcategories.

first widget 06

With the Limit option you can select how many products you like to show.

first widget 07

You can select an ordering. Most options are default in Widgetkit, but i've added some more.
- Most Sales, for the most populair products.
- Highest Rated, for your best products.
- Most Commented, for the products where people talk about.
- Latest Seen, this option is for the last shown products sitewide (not the latest viewed products for a individual user.)

first widget 08


At the bottom of this page you find the Mapping options. Here you can select which content you like to view.

first widget 09

When everything is setup you can hit the Save button on top.

first widget 10

You might have noticed the settings button. Here you can setup specific options for each widget. As this is default in widgetkit i won't do this documentation. Here you can read more about Widget Plugin options.

first widget 11


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