HikaShop Widgetkit plugin

Load content from Hikashop into your widgets.

With this plugin for Widgetkit (2 or 3) you can use Hikashop as content source. So you can create all the different grids, slidesets, galleries… with your Hikashop products.

It's a great and simple way of presenting a beautiful sales page.

We support this plugin in Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

Hikashop (Starter, Essential or Business) and Widgetkit are required.


Select Your Widget

Hikashop Widgetkit plugin allows you to create widgets with your Hikashop products. You can choose from a number of different widget renderers to display your content.

Category Selection

With the Hikashop Widgetkit plugin you can select the categories (include or exclude subscategories) which you like to show in your widget.

Limit and Ordering

Choose the number of products to show. And select the ordering. You can view the latest added products or most viewed, most sales, highest rated, most commented, last seen.

Select your content

In the mapping fields you can select what content you want to show. Select Description, Image, Date, Brand, Categories, Price, Add to Cart button and Link to productpage.

Read what our users say

Simple but perfect plugin
This plugin does exactley what it says. I don't expect more, it's perfect.
- Koen

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