The Custom Fields PRO plugin can only be downloaded by subscribers. To check if your account is still active you need to enter a download ID

Go to plugin manager


Search for the Fields plugin

Open the Fields plugin and enter your Download ID

update youtube

Your Download ID can be found on and if you login go to your account-page. It looks like:


When you still see the 403 error, make sure you have entered the right Download ID (Every subscription has his own Download ID #) and you have a active subscription. When your subscription is expired you cannot update the extension.

After you entered your download ID and update the extension with the extension updater.

  • Create a full backup of the website. You can use Akeeba Backup to create a quick one
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Joomla!


Update (upload and install)

When we release a new version of Fields - Youtube plugin, Users recieve an e-mail with update-information.

Go to our website and download the latest version.
You can install the plugin over the old one without losing settings. Use the installation guide for more details about installation

Update notification

When we release a new version of the Custom fields plugin, you will get notified in your Joomla administration Updating01

1) Go to the Update page (by clicking on the notification) and select the Custom fields plugin.

2) And click the Update button on top of the screen.




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