Version 1.2.0 [19-07-2018] 3.x
Added: Current Usergroup Selection, only select users from the usergroup(s) you belong to. (PRO only)

Version 1.1.0 [31-12-2017] 3.x
Added: Multi-Usergroup Selection (PRO only)

Version 1.0.0 [31-12-2017] 3.x
Added: Download ID for public release (PRO only)
Added: Update server for public release
Added: Multiple user selection option
Added: Multiple user separator option
Added: Hide - Please select - when multiple selection is true
Added: Show name in frontend option

Version 0.2.0 [28-11-2017] 3.x
Added: Display Username,name or both in dropdown
Added: Order by Username, Name or ID in dropdown
Changed: Function to Protected
Changed: Small optimisation of the query

Version 0.1.1 [28-11-2017] 3.x
Added: Option to display all users
Added: Language Strings

Version 0.1.0 [28-11-2017] 3.x
Added: Usergroup Selection

Version 0.0.3 [27-11-2017] 3.x
Changed: Default user when none selected is "" instead of "-1"

Version 0.0.2 [27-11-2017] 3.x
Changed: Group by ID to show user only once in dropdown
Changed: Show name in frontend instead of id

Version 0.0.1 [26-11-2017] 3.x
First Release


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