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Scheduled Check-in Items plugin

The Joomla system places padlocks next to an item to indicate that a user is currently editing the item (i.e. the item is "checked out"). If the user never clicks "Save" or "Close" and instead hits the "Back" button or navigates to another page, then the item remains locked.

This task-plugin automatically checks in all articles that are checked out longer than you defined. and with the PRO version you can also check in categories, modules, tasks, plugins, etc.

We support this plugin in Joomla 4.1+.

The Global Checkin plugin in Joomla 5 will have the same functionality as the Scheduled Check-in Items plugin.
Therefore, we will not develop this plugin further.
We will continue to support this plugin for Joomla 4


Use Joomla's Scheduled Tasks with the CLI scheduling option.

This scheduled task can be executed as often as necessary. Just choose the interval in minutes, hours, days, months or an advanced Cron Expression.

Choose the maximum checkout time

Choose the maximum allowed time an item should be checked out before automatically checking it in. You can select from 1 to 48 hours.

Log option

See all Items that are checked in in the administrator logs.

Choose the items you would like to check-in automatically.

  • Joomla Articles
  • Categories PRO Version only
  • Menu Items PRO Version only
  • Modules PRO Version only
  • Plugins PRO Version only
  • Banners & Banner Clients PRO Version only
  • Contacts PRO Version only
  • Custom Fields and Field Groups PRO Version only
  • Finder Filters PRO Version only

  • Guided Tours PRO Version only

  • Newsfeeds PRO Version only

  • Workflows, Stages and Transitions PRO Version only
  • Tags PRO Version only
  • Tasks PRO Version only

Read what our users say

Simple and Usefull
The idea to make a module for this saves me time in future and lowers effort needed to maintain the times for the customers. Save urself some time and give it a try.
- Jackprince