Usage - VM2 Statistics

After the installation of this module, you can start config it for your needs.
Find the extension in your module management. On the left side of your screen you can set details, like module title etc. and assign the module to the pages you like. We think you know how to do this, so we only explain the parameters on the right side.


Statistics: Here you can choose which options you would like to show.

Categories: Shows the number of categories.
Products: Shows the number of products.In Stock: Shows the total amount of products in stock.
Customers: Shows the number of customers registered by VM.
Orders: Shows the number of orders.
Reviews: Shows the number of reviews.
Ratings: Shows the number of ratings.

Layout options:

Select layout: Show you module Vertical (all selected options will be showed below eachother) or Horizontal (all selected options will be showed next to eachother)
Show Icons: Select "yes" to show icons, Select "no" to hide icons.


Is your languagefile outdated or is your language not supported yet? You can create your own. Go to and copy the file to your PC. Edit the file with a wordpad-editor.

The lines look like:
The first part don't need to be touched, only the part between "..."

Save the file as TAG.mod_virtuemart_stats.ini (change en-GB to your own language TAG) and save the file in your frontend language-directory.

When you complete a new translation, you also can send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will include it in our next release.

Update the extension

Go to your extension manager and install it the same way as a new installation.